Five Ways To Become A More Responsible Traveller

The notion of sustainable travel is kind of an oxymoron – but the Earth has too many jaw dropping wonders and diverse cultures to miss out on.

Here are 5 ways to reduce your impact while you travel.

1. Pack lightly

The heavier your bags are, the more fuel needed for the car/bus/plane because of the extra weight. Packing timeless classics that can be worn in many different ways can help expand your wardrobe without packing more.


Pack Light



2. Support the local economy by purchasing from local businesses

Too many times, copies of the same items are being sold in two different countries at opposite ends of the Earth.  In the Caribbean I accidentally purchased a sarong that had the destination name: Bali printed on it… Silly me!

Appreciate their local food by eating at local restaurants or street vendors, rather than supporting non local cuisine and food chains.


Handmade Carpet

3. If you do fly, offset your carbon emissions

Offsetting your carbon emissions allows travellers to invest in environmental projects that compensate the amount of emissions you have given out by balancing carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.  Typically, this involves planting trees or purchasing and ripping up carbon credits from emissions trading schemes.

We use Climate Care – the number one ranked B Corp in the UK.  Use their Carbon Calculator here.





4. Be kind to the natural environment

Many destinations have been put on the map for tourism because of the region’s natural beauty.  Visit protected areas with a local tour guide who will teach you about the importance of conserving the local ecosystem and ask about how you can contribute.  Admire the flora but ‘leave nothing but footprints’ – so no littering and try your best to avoid  single-use plastics.

You can ever go a step further and stay in an accredited environmentally friendly, small scale accommodation.





5Consider animal welfare

Please ensure that wildlife are not negatively impacted for your entertainment and pleasure.  Many destinations offer some type of animal tourism, like the mud-baths with elephants, holding baby lions or swimming with dolphins…however despite how much they depict these animals to love  these activities to be please consider the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare:

  1. Freedom from hunger or thirst
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  4. Freedom to express (most) normal behaviours
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

Please do not buy any wildlife products, as it can also support a growing market for trafficking rare and endangered wildlife products for souvenirs – for example, elephant tusks, furs, turtle shells and feathers.


Read more about ethical sanctuaries here.


Uneven Match - Elephants of Coimbatore


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