BATOKO’s Sustainable Swimwear


What is BATOKO?


Founded back in 2012, BATOKO is an independent, sustainable swimwear brand based in the  North West Coast of England, UK.  Their pieces are made from recycled plastic!





Why We Love BATOKO:


  • Made from post-consumer and industrial plastic, certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 85% polyester, 15% spandex (100% polyester lining).


  • Vibrant, bold colours with minimal to complex printed designs that make you stand out.


  • One or whole piece bathing suit, as opposed to a two piece, with elasticated stitching so that it stays in place and does not ride up.


  • Material itself is thick, layered and feels quite luxurious.  It is not see-through at all and is quite resistant.  It can also be used as colourful bodysuit!


  • Even though it is polyester, it does not release many microfibres. They actually did tests to see how if/how much microfibres were released when washed.  Check out their blogpost here. That being said, they advise us to hand wash our bathing suits, to minimise any microfibre pollution and to reduce water and energy usage.


  • Bust is not cupped, giving you a more natural shape, but the fabric itself is supportive and concealing. (That being said, I have a small bust).



  • Shipped in a recyclable paper bag within the UK.

For international shipping, 100% recycled and recyclable shipping bags by EcoEnclose are used.

  • BATOKO supports the Marine Conservation Society.  This is the UK’s leading marine conservation charity, working towards healthy, protected, pollution-free seas.


Some of their current designs


I have the Cocktatoo piece (shown above) for £40 or around $51 USD – received from my brother as a Christmas present and I absolutely love it! I’ve received so many compliments wearing it and the colours are just as bright in person – maybe even brighter.

Proudly, I explained the story behind the swimsuit and everyone just seemed to love it even more.  Most asked whether they could feel it to see whether it felt ‘plastic-y’, which it definitely does it! It simply feels like a typical bathing suit but thicker and not flimsy.


My own photos of this gorgeous BATOKO  eco swimwear bathing suit:


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Final Word


You can purchase online any of their products online on their website here.

Please note that we are not affiliated with BATOKO nor are we sponsored by them.  

We simply love their products. 

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