Today was the UK’s Warmest Day to ever be Recorded during the Month of February

Reporting a temperature of 20.3C (68.54F) at Trawsgoed, Ceredigion in Wales, Monday the 25th February marks the first time that a temperature over 20C has been recording during winter.

Breaking the previous record, which was 19.7C (67.46F), in Greenwich, 1998 – 21 years ago, according to the Met Office.

Typically, the February average is 8.2C (46.8F), compared to 9.8C (49.6F) so far this year.

This has been caused by high pressure over the middle of the Continent causing warm air to be brought up from Africa and the Canary Islands.

The temperature was made even hotter by the Foehn Effect, resulting in one sids of the mountains or hills being hotter than the other, because of how the air reacts when it hits the mountain.

Learn more about the Foehn Effect here in the Met Office’s explainer video.

And the enhanced greenhouse effect no doubt…

The coming weeks are forecasted to be the mildest temperatures on record during the month of  February, in the UK.




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