Our Top Six Sustainability Podcast Picks

In no particular order, here are our top six sustainability podcasts picks, with topics ranging from corporate responsibility, sustainable fashion to climate change.

Links to their respective websites are available for each below.

1. The Mallen Baker Podcast for Change Makers

Mallen is a dynamic speaker and corporate sustainability expert, who has spent years  dealing business leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, campaigners looking at how effective ways to create positive change in the world.

In this podcasts he speaks with successful change makers, where they discuss how effective change comes about, why we should be inspired, what we can learn from them.   In his own words, change is a learnable skill.

Podcast available here.


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All episodes available on the website (link above)


2. The Ethical Agenda Podcast

This recently lauched podcast by Safia Minney, the award-winning social entrepreneur and founder of sustainble fashion brand People Tree, aims to raise awareness of social entreprise, sustainability and the prominent figures behind the movement – think social entrepreneurs, campaigners and big thinkers.  During each episode we can discover their motives, why they do what they and how along with they collaborate with others from a different school of thinking.

The first and only episode thus far features George Monbiot, one of the UK’s most prominent environmentalists and author.  He’s also a Guardian columist.

Podcast available here.

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All episodes available on the website (link above)


3. The Sustainability Agenda

This is a weekly podcast, hosted by Fergal Byrne the  long-time contributor for the Financial Times – amongst many other reputable newspapers.  It discusses the today’s sustainability questions, concerns and happenings.  Leaders in the sustainability field, explain its biggest challenges, the potential solutions and the challenges.

Podcast available here.


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All episodes available on the website (link above)


4. The Drawdown Agenda

Also hosted by Fergal Byrne, this podcast explores the research behind Project Drawdown.  (Read our article about the book here – it’s a book that presents the top 100 solutions to climate change, which are ranked and quantified by the amount of atmospheric CO2 it can reduce, financial costs and savings in implementing them).

Every fortnight, key members of the Project Drawdown team present more information and discuss their area of expertise.

Energy, food, women and girls, transport, materials, building and cities, land use and other emerging solutions are the seven categories at its core.

Podcast available here.

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All episodes available on the website (link above)


5. The Circular Economy Podcast

By the Ellen MacArthur Foundation , this podcast uncovers every aspect of circular economy imaginable.  The topic sounds intimidating for those new to the subject but the first episodes start off with the basics ‘What is circular economy’ – making this podcast a learning tool for everyone interested.

Podcast available here.

Also available in the iTunes store


6. Conscious Chatter

A podcast where what we wear matters’ as their tag line says.  Hosted by Kestral Jenkins, the self-professed conscious fashion freak, who strives to figure out where our clothes came from, who made them, where they were made and its impacts, this podcast unveils just that.  Started in February 2016, this weekly podcast explores many aspects of the sustainble fashion world, from various vegan ‘leathers’, circular fashion practices to    with key figures in the sector.

Podcast available here.

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All episodes available on the website (link above)






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