Neya – The Platform that Encourages Change

Neya, the Arabic word for intention. With this philosophy, Neya Platform intends to bring together those with common goals of making a difference in society.  Whether you’re an expert in the sector, an NGO, a business, a social service agency or social enterprise, this platform unites those working towards the same goal and brings together all agents of change – big or small –  together for collective sustainable development.

Ever wanted do something good in your community – wanted to help in any way shape or form, but simply felt overwhelmed and confused with the results presented to you by Google or through word of mouth?  This disconnect is exactly what Neya’s founder and CEO, Hana El Sadat went through when searching to volunteer during her university years in Boston, USA,  studying International Relations and Political Sciences during her undergraduate degree.  Surely, there were many others wanting to get involved but unsure of how to the bridge the gap between the two.

Fear not.  The platform helps you do exactly just that. It does facilitates many things, such as:

  • Presenting volunteering opportunities in many cities across Egypt
  • Giving you the opportunity to donate to various causes close to your heart
  • Sponsoring projects by having them accessible at the palm of your hand
  • Providing sustainable solutions for businesses to improve their social and environmental performance: by reducing their environmental impact and ensuring a positive social impact
  • Selling a range of handcrafted items are sold and all proceeds go to the respective NGO that produces them or a specific cause
  • Bringing the most recent development and charity news from across Egypt (and the world)
  • Raising awareness on different causes and initiatives taking place in Cairo and across Egypt.

By taking advantage of this digital age and making these opportunities and knowledge easily accessible, it unlocks our potential as global citizens to give back as much as possible and encourages us to do the best we can.

By bringing those working towards a better future for Egypt, it allows the scale of each project or initiative to be incredibly enhanced and supported by making aware to this network.

Hana El Sadat has a wide range of professional experiences from working in the private sector in logistics, to working under Minister Sahar Nasr at the Ministry of International Cooperation to working with the UNDP.

On top of that, she was recently awarded a Masters in Sustainable Development and Development Management from SOAS, University of London.










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