Cairo’s Latest Addition To the Healthy Food Scene – Cairo Juice Co.

Superfood salads, fresh juices and protein rich, vegan friendly menu additions have been on a surge in Cairo over the past few years.  If you are part of this group, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably seen this cheeky logo floating around social media.

Actually, let’s not call this a trend, it is a mindset.  Once you realise that you are what you eat and that your physical state and mind are intrinsically linked, you can never forget to put your body and mental health first. (Most of the time!)


What Does Cairo Juice Co. Do?

Fresh, cold-pressed juices and smoothies delivered straight to your door.

That is right.  Cairo Juice Co. is on a mission to ‘nourish your bodies and souls by giving you the keys to a healthy happy life’.

Made to order, you can order from a range of juices, simple orange or apple, to various juice blends and a few smoothies.

Choose between an energising juice blend of celery, cucumber, pear, lime and ginger called: ‘C’est la Vie Celeri’ has a refreshing tangy taste for a morning boost.  It’s also rich in Vitamins K and A, improving your eye sight, full of antioxidants for healthy, glowing skin and boosting your overall immunity.

‘Heartbeet’ is a harmonious blend of apple, beet, pear and lemon. Rich in Vitamin K, a crucial vitamin for the transmission of electrical impulses in the heart, hence the name. High in Vitamin B-9, important during periods of rapid growth such as pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence amongst other micronutrients.

You even feel  better, knowing that you’re consuming a healthy juice, putting a smile on your face – making you even more beautiful.

No preservatives, concentrates or flavour enhancers are used, unlike many juices places around and they do taste delicious. Even the colours of their juices are completely natural and are totally Insta story worthy.


Good to Know

Not only do they serve healthy, nutritious drinks, but they also reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible.

The majority of their fruits and veg are locally-sourced and are seasonal – so the menu changes through out the year!

Customers are encouraged to reuse and/or recycle the 300ml glass bottles they’re served in and repeat customers can also return them back to the delivery driver.


How to Place Order & Delivery Details

You can order directly from their website Cairo Juice Co.

Or you can Whatsapp/call 01143071658 or even DM on their Instagram account @cairojuiceco

The best part is that no matter how far you live, you are guaranteed to receive your juices cold because they deliver them to you in a cooler.

Open daily from 12h – 19h.

Don’t forget that these are made to order so they are guaranteed to be full of nutrients even by the time they reach your door, so it is definitely worth pre ordering!

They even told me that 1L bottles and healthy snacks were coming soon!

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