Top Tips for Buying Pre-Loved Clothing

The rise of fast fashion has meant that shoppers buy the latest trends as soon as possible, then ditch and donate these styles as soon as they’re no longer desirable – or out of fashion. According to Oxfam, donations to its stores increased by 2% in 2017 alone.

Scroll further for my top 10 tips to remember when buying secondhand clothing.

More Top Tips for Buying Pre-Loved Clothing

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is associated with disposable fashion.  In many cases, the pieces purchased are no longer ‘in style’ and thus end up at the back of a closet, never to be used again. These soon end up in the bin,  get sold at prices as low as 99p on eBay or get donated to charity shops. From the bin, these pile up in landfill. … More What is Fast Fashion?