Five Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

Food waste is both an environmental and economic global issue.  Resources, like energy, water, land, labour, financial capital go into producing food however, around 1/3 – amounting to 1.3 billion tonnes – of all food produced annually for human consumption gets wasted/lost. Food waste occurs at all stages of the supply chain but in 2015, 7.3 m tonnes of food went to waste in households.

Other than simply eating all of the food you buy, here are five ways for you to reduce your household food waste. … More Five Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is associated with disposable fashion.  In many cases, the pieces purchased are no longer ‘in style’ and thus end up at the back of a closet, never to be used again. These soon end up in the bin,  get sold at prices as low as 99p on eBay or get donated to charity shops. From the bin, these pile up in landfill. … More What is Fast Fashion?

The Veganism Movement

This movement has emerged recently and went viral amongst the youth but is not new. The philosophy of ethical vegans lies primarily in refusing to view animals as a commodity that humans can use and take advantage of freely. It is viewed as animal exploitation and cruelty. Thus, they do not just abstain from eating animal-products; they completely steer clear from using animals for any purpose, like wearing fur, leather or testing products (make up, cosmetics, etc..) on animals. Basically any activity that could harm a creature is considered against vegan ethics.
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