Why Sustainability Goes Beyond Recycling

Recycling is one of the pillars of sustainable living and usually the most convenient and  least time consuming option, as opposed to reducing what you consume and reusing.  It is theoretically a fantastic thing.

It simply requires sorting your trash and bringing them to the nearest recycling point.  It seems so easy, yet 91% of the world’s plastics not even recycled – bearing in mind that some cannot be recycled.
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Five Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

Food waste is both an environmental and economic global issue.  Resources, like energy, water, land, labour, financial capital go into producing food however, around 1/3 – amounting to 1.3 billion tonnes – of all food produced annually for human consumption gets wasted/lost. Food waste occurs at all stages of the supply chain but in 2015, 7.3 m tonnes of food went to waste in households.

Other than simply eating all of the food you buy, here are five ways for you to reduce your household food waste. … More Five Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste